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Comprehensive Trust-Based Estate Planning

A virtual estate plan that covers everything, and every one you care about, needs to be a comprehensive plan. The Paragon Estate Portfolio utilizes a trust, last will and testaments, durable powers of attorney forms, and advanced medical directives. This is the best way to protect your family. 

Avoid Probate Court

Avoid probate court by directing your assets to pass seamlessly to your beneficiaries. Customize your asset distributions, notes about special request, guardianship appointments, and Medical directives-- Unlimitedly with your membership! 

An Attorney on Your Side

Each client is paired with a Nevada licensed attorney, who partners with the clients' financial advisor of choice to make sure that documents are completed and implemented, and that the trust is continuously funded and properly maintained .

Paragon Estate Planners empowers clients

Paragon Estate Planners empowers clients to be able to complete proper estate planning through a document assembly platform that provides estate planning documents from anywhere you have internet. You can meet with your team anywhere your laptop/ tablet is with you!

Comprehensive Estate Planning Portfolio:

Advance Medical Directives

Dynamic Revocable Living Trust

Certificate of Trust

Supplemental Admin Documents

Electronic Funding Kit w/ESIGN

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