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About Us

It takes approximately one hour to complete your Estate Planning Portfolio Interview with your advisor and attorney.


A strong Estate Plan has a variety of elements. These include a Revocable Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney Forms, & Healthcare Directives. All of these are included in the eStatePlan Portfolio.

An Attorney in Your Corner

Your advisor is partnered with our network attorney and his/her team to make sure that your documents are complete, drafted to your wishes, and funded with all of your assets. 

Technology gives you control!

We are a team dedicated to bringing access, through technology, to those in need of estate planning information, products, and services . The utilization of technology gives you full control, while still having a dedicated team of advisors, CPAs, tax experts and attorneys.

Empowered Estate Planning

We aim to empower clients by putting them in control of their own estate plan by utilizing technology and a fully virtual platform that has disrupted the conventional attorney control over document changes and the archaic methods of the estate planning industry.


Stephen Way

CEO & Founder

Angel R. Way

Chief Marketing Officer