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It takes approximately one hour to complete your Estate Planning Portfolio Interview with your advisor and attorney.


Revocable Living Trust

This is the "core" document of your plan allowing you to state who is to receive your stuff. Our Trust provides privacy, convenience, and control that everyone wants. The cost savings and administrative efficiencies associated with a fully funded Revocable Living Trust are well established undisputed facts.

Durable Powers of Attorney

This document is designed so you can select a person to act on your behalf to make decisions for you if your become incapacitated. The individual or agent you select would then be able to make financial decisions if you cannot.

Last Will & Testament

Should you not place all your assets into your Trust, your Last Will, sometimes called a Pour Over Will, will accomplish this objective. Your Will directs that any assets that are in your name when you die are to transfer to your Trust. This allows you to be sure that ALL your assets will flow through your Trust. Additionally, your Will states your choice of a guardian for any appropriate beneficiary.

Health Care Directives

This document allows you to make multiple health care directives. Examples of directives are: having life support systems removed or allowing for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Additionally, you can appoint the person who would carry out your requests. And, you have the ability to update your instructions online at anytime.

Secure Cloud Storage

Your full set of documents are given to you instantly, plus they are stored on our secure servers at

The first 30 days you can update your document at any time for FREE. A small fee in succeeding years through our client services group will allow you access to make unlimited changes.

Favorable Nevada Laws

We utilize the nation′s best trust laws, tax domain, and courts. Your attorney is licensed in Nevada and familiar with these benefits.

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Universal Guardian Trust

Use a UGT to appoint a future guardian to carry out parental wishes and protect your dependent's SDI payments from revocation!!

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Medicaid Trust

Protection for assets from a ‘spend down’ to qualify for Medicaid payments for a long stay at a nursing home

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Asset Protection Trust

A transfer of assets that provides a significant dimension of asset protection for the beneficiaries of the trust but also for the asset-owner during his/her lifetime.


It takes approximately one hour to complete your Estate Planning Portfolio Interview with your advisor and attorney.

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