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It takes approximately one hour to complete your Estate Planning Portfolio Interview with your advisor and attorney.

Instantly download and access your documents.

Instantly access, edit or download your documents, anytime for no extra hourly charge. 

E-sign and notarize at your convenience.

Finalize your documents and make them legally binding with your electronic signature instantly. You can then physically sign your documents with a notary at your convenience.

Avoid probate court and seamlessly pass down assets to your loved ones.

The key benefit of creating a Trust is that your loved ones will avoid the complicated process of probate court. When you transfer assets to your Trust, you own everything in your Trust while you’re still alive. After you pass, your assets will transfer directly to those you have named in your Trust.

Make sure things are handled how you want.

Creating a virtual and editable trust means that your children, pets, assets, final arrangements, and health care preferences are taken care of exactly how you want even if you continue to change your mind while you are alive. You are in control!

Documents that are built & customized by you & your team.

Your designated attorney and advisor are with you every step of the way. You are not left to figure out complicated legal documents on your own or with the fear of unknown hourly fees. The cost of your attorney is included in your initial fee. 

Continuously & Virtually fund your Trust.

Assets you assign to your Trust will fall under the specific protections and provisions you’ve outlined. We provide assistance and a guide to walk you through everything you’ll need to do. Further, you can continue to virtually assign your assets as you accumulate them.


Nevada has continuously been a leader in providing trust, tax, and related fiduciary services throughout the United States. To a large extent, this is because of its favorable trust and asset protection laws. Couple this with the states legislature consistency to be committed to enacting cuttingedge provisions and updates there is no reason not to choose Nevada Law for your trust situs (The place where a particular event occurs.).

Want to know more, download the pdf below:

Why NV Law (PDF)


It takes approximately one hour to complete your Estate Planning Portfolio Interview with your advisor and attorney.

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